Tuesday, June 10, 2008


well i know it has been a while since i last updated my blog, but i had finals in school and tournaments in soccer, both went very well. I got the 4.o that i wanted weeeeeeeeeeeee! and our soccer team ended up about 10-12, so alot better than i thought. as soon as school ended, i went straight to utah! for 2 weeks! first was to drop off katie... sob sob:( but i know that she will do great . Then it was time to party with sistas. That was an absolute blast, by the way thank you to dave, mel, richard, jenn jenn, and of course carson for burping up all over me. Then it was off to EFY which was an absolutely amazing, it was like the spirit constantly, with girls... :) My counselor was awesome, he was the perfect example of humility and charity. i was so sad when it ended but i still very strong in my resolutions, which are to be submissive to the lords will and have service in my mind and heart constantly. well this blog update is coming to a close, sorry i didnt get any pictures on this one, maybe the next! Oh but wait, i forgot to tell you that i got a job, yes me mister lazy pants, got a job. Working for the city, basically the same job david had, i am way excited for the hours, because it keeps my morning busy, but then i don't have to worry about killing my social life. well until next time this is Benjamin Earl Fager writing the much anticipated update of my life. love ya all lots!


Gabrielsen Family said...

Ben, I gave your blog a last minute check to see what was going on before I bugged you about how you liked EFY. It sounds as it you got lots out of it. Does the new city job mean you will give up paper route?

WE are so proud of the goals you are making. How did you get back to IF

Jenn said...

Yeah! I am excited I checked your blog. I had almost given up hope! I am excited I got to see you as well while you were here=)