Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Love War heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes i know that most of you probably forgot that i had a blog, but yes it still does exist. and after 25 years i am finally updating you with probably the most random blog..... War Heads, i admit that i am addicted . but what a good thing to be addicted to right ;) so here are a few crazy pictures, and i will tell you the story that goes along with it. So me and a few friends decided that we wanted to go get some water balloons at walgreens, and when we were exploring walgreens, I happened to spot a ginormous bag of war heads and as you can see in the picture, there a 175 pieces, and if any of you know about warheads, you know that they are very sour and they abuse your tounge after a while. so i think that i will have these for quite some time....( yes melanie and jenn, that means they will be here for you when you visit.) well long story short, this was christmas in ..... August. We bought them on august 1st so unfortunately i could not use the phrase christmas in july.
I will definetely and absolutely enjoy this oversized bag of yumminess.

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Jenn said...

Ben update your blog! I can't leave you comments unless you have posts on here SILLY BOY! Soccer is over now and you have no excuse. You could always do a blog on your sister Jenn and how cool she is. I think she would like that...YUP she would like it!