Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I win the title of the worst blogger ever!!!

i decided not to add blog every other week into my new year resolutions, because i know i wont be able to do it!
i have had probably the busiest week last week possible, i had to write my junior thesis and keep up with math and val a grams it has been crazy.... but also lots of fun!!! now for those of you who do not know what val a grams are, they are singing songs to girls as requested by others such as their boyfriends so basically i am stealing all the girls in my school by singing them love songs ! hahaha! i am so mischevious!! well my grades are great and the mission prepartion is going very well, china here i come... well maybe?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Love War heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes i know that most of you probably forgot that i had a blog, but yes it still does exist. and after 25 years i am finally updating you with probably the most random blog..... War Heads, i admit that i am addicted . but what a good thing to be addicted to right ;) so here are a few crazy pictures, and i will tell you the story that goes along with it. So me and a few friends decided that we wanted to go get some water balloons at walgreens, and when we were exploring walgreens, I happened to spot a ginormous bag of war heads and as you can see in the picture, there a 175 pieces, and if any of you know about warheads, you know that they are very sour and they abuse your tounge after a while. so i think that i will have these for quite some time....( yes melanie and jenn, that means they will be here for you when you visit.) well long story short, this was christmas in ..... August. We bought them on august 1st so unfortunately i could not use the phrase christmas in july.
I will definetely and absolutely enjoy this oversized bag of yumminess.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


well i know it has been a while since i last updated my blog, but i had finals in school and tournaments in soccer, both went very well. I got the 4.o that i wanted weeeeeeeeeeeee! and our soccer team ended up about 10-12, so alot better than i thought. as soon as school ended, i went straight to utah! for 2 weeks! first was to drop off katie... sob sob:( but i know that she will do great . Then it was time to party with sistas. That was an absolute blast, by the way thank you to dave, mel, richard, jenn jenn, and of course carson for burping up all over me. Then it was off to EFY which was an absolutely amazing, it was like the spirit constantly, with girls... :) My counselor was awesome, he was the perfect example of humility and charity. i was so sad when it ended but i still very strong in my resolutions, which are to be submissive to the lords will and have service in my mind and heart constantly. well this blog update is coming to a close, sorry i didnt get any pictures on this one, maybe the next! Oh but wait, i forgot to tell you that i got a job, yes me mister lazy pants, got a job. Working for the city, basically the same job david had, i am way excited for the hours, because it keeps my morning busy, but then i don't have to worry about killing my social life. well until next time this is Benjamin Earl Fager writing the much anticipated update of my life. love ya all lots!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

School is out..... well almost

I feel so accomplished, being able to graduate the 10th grade with a hopefully 4.0. This school year has definetly been one of the more unique ones. Going all the way from barely holding on to an 90% in Biology A. All the way to making accapella. I am definetly ready for the chance to live up the summer experiences again.
I will now summarize my year trimester by trimester. 1st tri, i was new to high school and feeling very small on the first day. Starting out with honors engish, i knew i was in for a ride. Then came Math, i did not like the teacher all that much and had a hard time with the way he taught, but i did end up with a 92.7%. so all is well, then came P.E, or should i say basketball class. that was probably the most interesting class, because it was a reinforcer for what i did not want to deal with in the upcoming basketball season, i ended up with a 94% in that class. the next class biology, it was an easy class, but i didnt pay the price of work, and found myself in a tough situation of a 87.8% with just my two finals left.on the district final, i got a 90.2%, and on the teachers final, i got a 98.6%. just enough to squeak out a 90%. Then the final class is Health, just a boring and pointless class that i got a 95% in. (i know that comment will probably offend mom)
2nd tri... My first hour Honors English again, but this time i worked hard and ended up with a 94% as a final grade, compared to a 92% in the first tri. 2nd hour was, history, this had to be one of the more boring classes i had taken, and even with doing hardly any homework, i got a 101%. 3rd hour was math, the teacher was 30x better and it showed with me receiving a 94.38% in the class. 4th hour was seminary... interesting teacher, but i learned alot about the old testament.... 97%. choir was 5th hour, and it was probably my favorite class, i learned so much about singing, and it allowed me to make accapella...96% so i increased every grade. This was also the most dramatic tri, socially.
3rd tri.... my current grades go as such 1st hour, photography, boring class but a good study hall too.... 103% 2nd hour, biology.... this tri of biology is soooo much more interesting, and i have a 92%. 3rd hour is seminary, i like this teacher quite a bit more, and we are just about to start in Isaiah do do do( that is supposed to be a scary sound) hehe. 4th hour is Math, and i absolutely love this teacher, i have a 101% in her class, we have just finished logarithms, and yes that is how you spell it. 5th hour is speech, the teacher is really fun and he is lds. i believe that i have a 97% in his class right now with 2 speeches to go.

Well that is the overall summary of how academics have gone, sports have been fun but the weather hasnt, i still believe that it was definetly been my favorite school year thus far. Next year my classes will be harder and hopefully i will be more mature. hope you were able to make it through this post awake!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Feelings About Winter

Remember when the grass was green and the bee's actually came to sting my feet?
My feelings are quite similar to Moms about this grinch type temperatures, except you know it has to be bad when this optimistic boy has bitter feelings towards the weather. If this is some kind of test, I have definitely failed and want to move on to the next course. It no longer seems like winter as 1 of 4 seasons, it is now one of the three season, spring has been non existent in Idaho Falls. But the upside is, the grass is finally showing life after 5 months, it kind of looks like Mom's hair with yellow patches to it. (But Mom's hair has gray patches and not yellow.) I guess what I'm getting at, is it has been a no good very bad winter.
There have been a few days with above 50 degree weather, but the weather is a little bipolar with a nice day or two and then a miserable, windy 5 days that follow. Every once in a while we finally hit the average, but most usually it goes back into memories of winter. The past two weeks I have had to play soccer in literal blizzards, IN APRIL!!! I really would like to enjoy playing soccer in the spring. Whatever happened to global warming. Rumor or myth?