Sunday, May 4, 2008

School is out..... well almost

I feel so accomplished, being able to graduate the 10th grade with a hopefully 4.0. This school year has definetly been one of the more unique ones. Going all the way from barely holding on to an 90% in Biology A. All the way to making accapella. I am definetly ready for the chance to live up the summer experiences again.
I will now summarize my year trimester by trimester. 1st tri, i was new to high school and feeling very small on the first day. Starting out with honors engish, i knew i was in for a ride. Then came Math, i did not like the teacher all that much and had a hard time with the way he taught, but i did end up with a 92.7%. so all is well, then came P.E, or should i say basketball class. that was probably the most interesting class, because it was a reinforcer for what i did not want to deal with in the upcoming basketball season, i ended up with a 94% in that class. the next class biology, it was an easy class, but i didnt pay the price of work, and found myself in a tough situation of a 87.8% with just my two finals left.on the district final, i got a 90.2%, and on the teachers final, i got a 98.6%. just enough to squeak out a 90%. Then the final class is Health, just a boring and pointless class that i got a 95% in. (i know that comment will probably offend mom)
2nd tri... My first hour Honors English again, but this time i worked hard and ended up with a 94% as a final grade, compared to a 92% in the first tri. 2nd hour was, history, this had to be one of the more boring classes i had taken, and even with doing hardly any homework, i got a 101%. 3rd hour was math, the teacher was 30x better and it showed with me receiving a 94.38% in the class. 4th hour was seminary... interesting teacher, but i learned alot about the old testament.... 97%. choir was 5th hour, and it was probably my favorite class, i learned so much about singing, and it allowed me to make accapella...96% so i increased every grade. This was also the most dramatic tri, socially.
3rd tri.... my current grades go as such 1st hour, photography, boring class but a good study hall too.... 103% 2nd hour, biology.... this tri of biology is soooo much more interesting, and i have a 92%. 3rd hour is seminary, i like this teacher quite a bit more, and we are just about to start in Isaiah do do do( that is supposed to be a scary sound) hehe. 4th hour is Math, and i absolutely love this teacher, i have a 101% in her class, we have just finished logarithms, and yes that is how you spell it. 5th hour is speech, the teacher is really fun and he is lds. i believe that i have a 97% in his class right now with 2 speeches to go.

Well that is the overall summary of how academics have gone, sports have been fun but the weather hasnt, i still believe that it was definetly been my favorite school year thus far. Next year my classes will be harder and hopefully i will be more mature. hope you were able to make it through this post awake!


Melanie said...

way to work hard! Keep up the good grades; you will be glad you gave it your all!

Gabrielsen Family said...

You are oon the track to a successful life and we are so proud of you. gpa& gma Gabe